About Respira

Carbon financing

Respira International is an impact-driven carbon finance business. Our high-quality carbon credits allow corporations and financial institutions to mitigate their environmental impact.

Acting as principal, Respira creates innovative solutions to secure long-term guaranteed contracts with carbon projects globally, in turn enabling buyers to progressively achieve emissions reductions targets.

Importantly this unlocks capital to invest in the creation and acceleration of carbon removal and reduction projects, many of which generate additional benefits to ecosystems and communities.


Respira’s proposition creates win-win solutions for both carbon credit buyers and project developers.

Respira provides solutions to corporates and asset managers who are mitigating their carbon emissions as part of a broader climate strategy.

As an institutional counterparty, Respira provides carbon buyers with access to diversified projects, the certainty of future supply and price, and alleviation of reputational risk.

For project developers, acting as principal, we provide long-term underwritten contracts. Our contracts ensure transparent, equitable revenue shares flow back to project developers and communities creating alignment and connectivity.

Using carbon credits to offset should not come at the expense of reducing one’s own emissions but are a vital stepping-stone towards the decarbonisation of the global economy as low-carbon and carbon-reduction technology is developed and deployed at a greater scale.

The Solution