Respira Portfolio


Respira sources projects directly and conducts its own due diligence ensuring quality, integrity and local impact. All of the projects in the Respira portfolio are certified to the highest standards and align with Respira’s values.

We aggregate our broad range of high-quality carbon credits into pooled and bespoke portfolios with the ability for buyers to enter into multi-year contracts. This results in attractive risk assured solutions, incorporating diversification, transparency, and security of future supply and pricing. Each portfolio can be diversified by geography, project type, SDG impact area and sector.

The Respira portfolio is focussed on nature-based climate solutions (forest, soil and blue carbon) but we can also include technological solutions such as waste management, renewables and energy efficiency. We are exploring opportunities in carbon capture and storage.

Nature-based solutions help to mitigate climate change as well as bringing about positive and measurable economic, social, and environmental benefits to local areas and people. Buyers of these carbon credits are able to advance and track to both their climate (e.g. net zero) and sustainability (e.g. UN SDGs) targets.

Respira portfolio flagship projects

Burapha Agroforestry Project

8 December 2022

Blaston Regenerative Farming

8 November 2022

Gola Rainforest Conservation Project

20 May 2022

Respira Portfolio

Ntakata Mountains

21 April 2022

Respira Portfolio

Delta Blue Carbon

20 April 2022

Northern Kenya Rangelands

18 April 2022

San Pedro forestry project

17 April 2022

Efficient cookstoves

15 April 2022

Makame Savannah

14 April 2022

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Watch project developer Jo Anderson from Carbon Tanzania explain why they partnered with Respira