The carbon credit solution

Carbon credit provides a cost-effective, scalable and immediate solution to achieve reductions in our carbon footprints

What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits are generated by activities that reduce or remove emissions through nature-based solutions, such as afforestation or re-forestation and the protection of existing high carbon stock natural assets, for instance peatland or tropical forestry, or through technological innovation in renewable energy, energy efficiency or carbon capture and storage.

The market has been regulated for over 15 years and there are internationally recognised independent accreditation organisations such as the Gold Standard and Verra who only certify high-quality projects.

Carbon credits address the climate challenge

Carbon credits stimulate investment in projects and opportunities that help combat climate change.

These projects are reliant on carbon revenues and would otherwise be financially unviable.

The benefits of Respira’s solution

Our structured portfolio solution provides diversification across projects as well as future supply and price certainty.

Key benefits include:

  • High assurance solution with standardised offset products sourced from a diversified pool
  • High level of due diligence and ongoing monitoring to manage exposure to project operating and reputation risk
  • Structured, reliable delivery through a portfolio management approach
  • Balance sheet and operational architecture to support near and long-term forward deliveries and secure pricing
  • Transparent reporting and settlement
  • Aligned interests of all parties, enabling ongoing investment in the projects and connectivity with buyers
  • Buyers are able to advance and track to both their climate (e.g. net zero) and sustainability (e.g. UN SDGs) targets