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Our thoughts on what 2022 will bring for the voluntary carbon market

The voluntary carbon market made huge strides forward in 2021, establishing itself as an effective means to reduce net carbon emissions by driving finance to projects that deliver independently verified carbon credits. The finalisation of Article 6 at COP26, while not directly addressing the VCM, signified a step change in both public and private sector attitudes to carbon trading and started a positive feedback loop which will be reinforced this year through further commitments and with the second part of the ‘nature COP’ in Kunming, China in April (COP15 CBD).

We believe recognition for nature-based solutions (NBS) will grow, along with an increase in corporate demand for and associated pricing of these types of carbon credits. One of the big challenges for this coming year will be getting in place some core principles – something the VCMI and The Integrity Council for The Voluntary Carbon Market can help with – which will help resolve some of the uncertainty in this relatively new market.

Channelling private capital and institutional investment into climate solutions, in particular NBS, will enable a significant development of carbon projects as well as allowing companies to set and achieve even more ambitious climate goals. In order to keep building on that positive feedback loop, we should be celebrating and championing achievements in decarbonisation and investment into climate positive strategies.

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