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The time is now: How the voluntary carbon market can help us to unite our self-interest and better nature

For scientists, governments and increasingly business leaders, it is clear: the window left in which we can avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change is rapidly closing. There is growing consensus that we must act now. We must reach ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050.

Achieving net zero by 2050 undeniably requires capital at scale. This is where the voluntary carbon market (VCM) can play a crucial role. It can act as a tool to unlock private capital and enable non-state actors, such as corporates, to step up and meet the challenge.

Our newly launched guide, ‘Respira – Leading the way in the voluntary carbon market’, demonstrates how we can unite our self-interest and better nature. Launching the new guide, Respira International’s Co-founder and CEO Ana Haurie said:

“Global net-zero targets require private capital at scale and the Voluntary Carbon Market is essential to delivering this capital. Respira uses its balance sheet to buy carbon credits from nature-based climate solution (NBS) projects. These projects deliver large-scale impacts for the climate, biodiversity and for local communities who will also benefit from Respira’s profit-share model.”

NBS projects involve the protection and restoration of biodiverse forests, vital soils and rare wetland habitats. High-quality nature-based carbon credits, such as ours, are critical; they can provide up to one-third of the emissions mitigation needed to reach our global climate goals. These credits are also particularly successful in delivering an array of vital benefits:

  • Providing verifiable impacts on emissions.
  • Offering proven co-benefits such as strengthening biodiversity, local communities and livelihoods.
  • A near-term route for businesses to mitigate unavoidable GHG emissions.
  • Financial and ESG impacts that create further incentives for the capital flows required for global decarbonisation.

Read our newly launched guide to discover how Respira is leading the way.


The time is now – net zero by 2050 requires private capital at scale.

The VCM can help deliver that scale with carbon credits generated from tangible, genuine projects that remove, reduce or avoid emissions.

Respira has secured a portfolio of long-term, primarily nature-based carbon projects to offer the VCM. Respira operates with an innovative offtake and profit share model giving its project developers certainty and enabling them to share in carbon pricing upside.

International corporations can incorporate Respira’s verifiable voluntary carbon credits into their climate strategies helping them to achieve multiple goals and to deliver genuine measurable ESG impacts.

Download our new guide: Respira – Leading the way in the voluntary carbon market

Not only does the voluntary carbon market provide an opportunity to create positive, measurable impacts for both people and the planet, but it also makes compelling business sense. The time to act is now.

Find out how Respira is leading the way and how high-quality nature-based carbon credits can assist you on your pathway to net zero.