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Nadeem Khan

Blue Carbon: Chris Villiers and Nadeem Khan join Argus Media’s podcast

By News

Tune into a new podcast episode. It’s all about blue carbon.

Argus Media interviews Chris Villers, our Director of Portfolio Management and Nadeem Khan, founder and CEO of Indus Delta Capital. In this episode, they share their extensive blue carbon expertise, discussing how these nature-based projects differ from other, natural climate solutions. 

Indus Delta Capital develops one of our flagship portfolio projects, Delta Blue Carbon. As the largest blue carbon project in the world, it conserves and restores 350,000 hectares of mangrove forest in southeastern Pakistan.

Chris and Nadeem explain how mangroves capture and store more carbon than any other type of tree. As such powerful carbon sinks, Delta Blue Carbon’s mangrove restoration efforts contribute to global climate mitigation. The project will sequester 142 million tonnes of CO2e from the atmosphere over its lifetime.

Listen to the episode here